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2D & 3D Technology for Your Guest
Traveling in today’s world can be incredibly frustrating. From searching hotel rooms, check in lines, flight delays, long layovers, language barriers and traffic congestions, travelers are overwhelmed before they even arrive to their destination. 
3Dhoteltour platform eases this interaction by offering answers to most of the guests questions prior to their trip or during and after check-in. With our 2D and 3D technology, 3Dhoteltour offers and engaging and entertaining virtual tour of your hotels common areas. room layouts and amenities.

Guest can interact with VR Gear or any mobile device to experience a life like experience.


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How it Works
Three easy steps and you are ready ..


Scan Location
Scanning a hotel lobby and common areas can take anywhere from three hours to eight hours. Include your room model types for guest reference onsite and on the web. 



Process and Edit
Once scan is complete we upload files to processing server where the magic takes place. We will then share with you all the collateral generated which includes, HD images, sharable links, embed code (Iframe) 360° spherical images. 



Set Up Kiosk (optional)
Once files are delivered and edited our field team member will come to the premises and set up our interactive kiosh gallery, this can be done at a dedicated location or various locations througout the premises. 
Life like experience
Emerge your guest into your virtual world
Today's travelers are expecting more from hotels when it comes to information. The day's of handing out a map or giving directions are over your guest are expecting technology based information such as VR experiences. Almost everyone today has a smart phone in their hands this gives them the avility to connect to information as never before. 

Millennials are the future of your business, appeal to them. 

How to get the wow effect

Place a Gear VR in your hotel lobby. Or give your guest a complimentary, hotel-branded Cardboard to enjoy in their room. Guest can use it to: 
-Visit the lobby, hotel spa and even a room! Give guest peace of mind before they even arrive

-Take them out to the pool area and highlight the hiden gems of your hotel. 

-Show them your restaurants and gift shops

-Virtually visit nearby attractions and business 

-See places that normally are not normally visible like banquet halls, meeting rooms, VIP  areas. 

-Navigating a hotel has never been easier
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Visually Engaging

Display your hotels rooms, ammenties and more in 3D and 2D on beautiful large screen display monitor or any mobile divice.. This 2D and 3D option will engage your guest into life like experiences of your hotel, neighboring attractions and hot spots. Its simple and fast and even more important a very feesable way to engage and prospect. Our metrics show us a very high conversion rate from impressions to visits as well as visits to unique visits.  
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